Hi, blogosphere.

Today is my last day at CALYX, and I’m getting all my last minute things in order, handing over my projects to a new intern, and making a checklist of things I have to have done before I go. Today is also my last full day in the state of Oregon. Being here has been a completely new experience for me. I’ve seen new things, met new people, and had some of the most valuable experiences of my life. I know this isn’t the end of my time spent in the publishing world, but it’s still very sad for me to leave.

I was very fortunate to intern here in the midst of a lot of change in the organization. I’ve seen a great number of things happen. At the same time, there are so many things here that I won’t get to be a part of! Today we’re sending out invites to the Glitterati. Unfortunately, I’ll be in Columbus when the Glitterati actually happens. I’m still happy to be a part of the invitation-sending; I just wish I could see the real thing!

I hope to come back to Oregon sometime. I’ve been very happy here. I’m glad I got to be a part of starting this CALYX blog, and I hope it continues to be a part of the organization in the future. I’ll be reading to see what else is going on once I leave!

Thanks for everything, readers, contributors, and everyone else!