I’m Shayna, and I just started as an intern here at CALYX last week. I’m having fun so far, and there’s lots going on here at CALYX.

First of all, we at CALYX are excited about a few things:

  • Tonight, September 16, at Annie Bloom’s Bookstore in Portland there will be a reading by five of our most recently published authors from Oregon! Mary Calvin, Helen Gerhardt, Lois Rosen, Felicity Shoulders, and Leslie What will be there!
  • Leslie has been nominated for the Ken Kesey Award for fiction for “Crazy Love.” Congratulations to her!
  • RIGHT NOW!! We are accepting manuscripts for the Sarah Lantz Memorial Poetry Book Prize. The contest is open until September 30th, so get your manuscripts mailed in ASAP, poets! Go to www.calyxpress.org for details!
  • Our annual Glitterati event will be an exciting night of spice–Friday, October 9. Tickets are on sale now at www.calyxpress.org!
  • There’s another CALYX reading next month, October 30 at Bluestockings in New York: Rhonda Zangwill, Tess Taylor, and Cass Dalglish will be the stars of the show!

There are a few things I am working on as an intern, too.

  • Because so many authors from California were published in issue 25:2, I am working on setting up a reading for them in the Bay area.
  • Hopefully, I will be able to set up another Oregon reading for some of our recent authors. Salem has been suggested as a possible location!

Remember, we’re open for prose and poetry submissions annually starting October 1 through December 31. That’s coming up soon!