My name is Kelly, and I have been interning at CALYX for nearly two months now. I wanted to briefly introduce myself and share some of the wonderful things that I have done so far. After this term I will be graduating in Liberal Studies with a focus in Women Studies at Oregon State University. Having an interest in writing, publishing, and activism, CALYX has been the perfect experience.

My typical day includes sorting mail, filing journal and Sarah Lantz manuscripts, reviewing corrections, emailing, and updating websites. Helping with the 33rd Annual Glitterati was fun, and you can view photos at: http://www.calyxpress.org/newsletter.html. Also, seeing the many talented Sarah Lantz poetry submissions has been very fulfilling. Which are still being accepted through November 20th. The greatest part, though, has been watching a journal come to life.


p.s. for the holidays, subscriptions make the perfect gift!