Molly, Jan, & Shayna in the Office

I’m Mollie and today’s my first day as an intern at CALYX! After graduating from the University of Oregon in June with a Bachelor of Arts in English, I contacted CALYX asking for an internship so that I might be able to learn more about jobs relating to literature. I’m really excited to be a part of such a great place and I look forward to all kinds of new knowledge and experiences. Maybe I’ll even figure out for sure how to pronounce our name! –Mollie

My name is Jan, and today is my second day as an intern with CALYX. As Mollie, I am an English major from the U of O. My love is literature–reading and writing. I look forward to seeing just how a small press works, and being surrounded by women who have dedicated their time to literature, and hope to learn as much as possible from them. –Jan