Hello there, dedicated followers!

It’s Mollie, one of the winter interns here at Calyx! The sun is shining through the office window as Becky, Jan and I happily work away on great fun stuff for you.

So, you ask, what am I working on today? Readings for the new issue! I’m currently contacting bookstores to host readings in the San Francisco, Arlington, and New York City areas! Authors are starting to reply with availability and it’s all terribly exciting!

Do you guys know of any great independent bookstores in these areas? We’re hoping for Bluestockings in New York because we’ve worked with them before and they’re great, but I would love the input of any readers in the S.F. or D.C. areas who know of some wonderful independent bookstores perfect for Calyx readings!

Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the sun/rain/wind/snow wherever you are!

–Mollie Peterson