We’ve made the switch to our new provider and web host for the CALYX email and web and the web is finally in place and up and running today. Apologies that it took so long to get the web transferred over. But yeah, we’re delighted to receive no more spam (which the old provider did not seem to be able to stop). Check out our web: http://www.calyxpress.org

 We’re hard at work on the next issue of CALYX Journal and the new book Crow Mercies by Penelope Scambly Schott (due out October 2010). The prepub galley will be going out to book reviewers in the next week. The final parts of the journal, the contributor notes, art statements, and not the least, the acknowledgement of our generous supporters, are almost done. The journal goes to press in early June for its July release.

 The CALYX journal collective continues its weekly meetings to make decisions for the next issues and is completing second reads. Meanwhile the manuscripts are coming in for the Lois Cranston Memorial Poetry Prize. And the editors begin reading them this May for a decision on the finalists to make it out to the final Judge, Frances Payne Adler, by August. DON’T FORGET, DEADLINE FOR THE LOIS CRANSTON MEMORIAL POETRY PRIZE IS MAY 31ST!

 And one great note. CALYX received a good Konica copy machine as a donation from the Corvallis Tourism Office. We are delighted and so are our interns. No more treks to the copy office for multiple copies. And it does everything! Hooray! And thank you, Corvallis Tourism!

 Margarita Donnelly, Director           

The New Konica & Margarita