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We’ve taken note that some of the awesome feminist blogs out there have been taking part in Feminism Friday, originated by Thinking Girl. We’ve decided to try to take part as often as we can and would encourage other feminist-minded bloggers to do the same! The folks at Feminism 101 encourage you to “let loose” any opinionated essays you may have regarding feminism and tag it with Feminism Friday to help the search engines!

It’s a scary world out there. In the past few days, there has been disturbing legislation passed in Arizona stripping away the rights of people of color, a potential car bombing in NYC, the 40th anniversary of the Kent State shooting, and a disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s hard to say how to stay positive in the face of so many different kinds of horrors, especially when our country faces so many threats–to the environment, to equality, to our safety, to our rights, to our minds and bodies.

CALYX is a publication dedicated to the idea that reading, writing, and publishing are acts of social justice. We would like to take the opportunity to remind our readers, writers, and ourselves, that activism isn’t limited to getting on a bus to hold up a sign in DC–opportunities for defending important causes are all around us.  Continue to read, continue to write, continue to listen and question, and above all–continue to stand up for what you believe in to the best of your ability.  We’re all in this together, feminist or not, and we have a duty to continue to fight for justice and equality in this country.

-Rebecca Olson, Assistant Editor*

(*These ideas are a personal statement and do not necessarily embody CALYX Press)