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Thank you to all for the great response on our first pick of the week: The Violet Shyness of Their Eyes: Notes from Nepal. As many of you know, CALYX’s mission is to provide the finest art and literature by women to a wide audience. We’ve decided to do discounts each week on a favorite book or journal of the staff. That way, more people can have the chance to fall in love with the many writers, poets, and artists of CALYX!

Staff Pick of the Week- Beverly McFarland (senior editor) recommends:

Vol. 20:3, Summer 2002, is my “Journal Pick of the Week”! Because included in all the wonderful work is one of my most favorite stories we’ve ever published—“Wings” by Teresa S. Mathes. Who among us has never dreamed of literally having “wings” and being able to really fly? Women in Mathes’ story are born with wings! Great summer reading about girls learning to test their freedom.

Enjoy our discount this week.

– Beverly McFarland, senior editor

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