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It is hard to narrow down my experience with CALYX in just one short paragraph, so I’ve been trying to think of a few key elements that made my internship memorable. Maybe it was being surrounded by women who have dedicated their lives to literature and art by women, the fact that everyone there is a great inspiration with intriguing stories, the charm of being involved with something wonderful and important, or maybe I was lucky to get along with my fellow interns. I can’t really put a number on any of these things. I can say that this internship fulfilled my questions: yes, I do want to be involved in the publishing world, and yes, it is an amazingly lengthy and complicated process to publish. I have always enjoyed being involved with the development of a story or a poem—reading, editing, workshopping—almost as much as I love writing itself. At CALYX, this was my favorite part. I had the opportunity to participate with the copy-editing meeting and I’ll never forget the tricks Beverly showed us with editing. It’s nice to be in an environment where discussing the use of a comma or dash is exciting work, and I hope to continue it. This internship has given me great insight as a writer, someone who wishes to be in the publishing world and as an avid lover of literature. Seeing all the manuscripts going through CALYX, watching them be processed and handled by so many people, sending out rejects and holds to wonderful writers, gave me such a different view and respect for the publishing world. I love this business because it is not about money, but the love of something wonderful. Along with experience, this internship has given me a better sense of direction. I’ll never forget my time with CALYX or the lovely women I had the opportunity of learning from. You are all an inspiration to me, and I hope I’m able to put as much love into my work as you all do.

Your adoring intern,

Jan Colley