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For this month, we’ve chosen The Woman of Too Many Days as our Staff Pick of the Month. This poetry book by Mary I. Cuffe truly touched the editors who worked on it at that time. One even said: “When I finished reading, I was almost crying. Not sad—catharsis, joy.”

One of my favorite poems from the collection is called “In Front of the Library.” Having a mom who is a school librarian definitely started a library addiction at a young age. So maybe it is because I’ve grown up loving libraries and all they have to offer. Escape, adventure, experiences far beyond our own imagination. This poem made me reflect on what the library can mean for the community and what books can mean for those who feel the weight of  too many days (and all of us for that matter). Books have the power to remove us from our everyday life and transport us into a different world. With books we are always among friends. Each book has something new to teach us and a new character to introduce. For these reasons, the lines that most struck me are the following:

You see a lot of pigeon people in the library, she says.

It’s one place they can go where the city

don’t turn em out.

They come in for more than a warm place to sleep.

They hope one of those books will take em in.

But that only happens to a few.

That portion is just one of many lines that will echo with you throughout the day. Making you wonder about the “many days” of those around you.

Of course as always, the pick of the month is 10% off with free shipping. You can order your copy here.

~Kelsey Connell, Assistant Director