We are excited to announce Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco is hosting a reading for 26.1 Journal on August 25th at 7pm.

The writers participating in the reading are poets Lisa Rizzo, Edythe Haendel Schwartz, Michelle Brittan and prose writer Anna Belle Kaufman.

The reading is free and all are welcome!

Lisa Rizzo is a poet and middle school teacher living in San Carlos (CA). Her work is published in journals such as The Lucid Stone, 13th Moon, Writing for Our Lives, Earth’s Daughters, and Bellowing Ark.

Edythe Haendel Schwartz lives in Davis (CA) and is retired from the faculty of California State University, Sacramento. She is published in CALYX Journal, Cider Press Review, Earth’s Daughters, Kaleidoscope, and Runes, among others. Her chapbook, Exposure, was a finalist in Finishing Line Press’ New Women’s Voices competition and was selected for publication.

Michelle Brittan can trace her lineage on her father’s side back to the Gold Rush and her mother was a British subject in what was once known as Borneo. Michelle tries to write poems that ask her readers to locate selfhood in relation to others, without expecting clean answers.

Anna Belle Kaufman is an artist and an art psychotherapist in Sebastopol (CA). She has essays published in The Sun and The Psychotherapy Networker and professional essays in The Arts in Psychotherapy. She has poetry forthcoming in The Sun.