While talking to Margarita about the Staff Pick of the Month, we discovered we were both drawn to the same poem from The Woman of Too Many Days. I wrote about what the poem (“In Front of the Library”) meant to me in this post. However, Margarita drew a connection between the piece and the current economic state. To me, it further proved the ability of poetry (and the written word) to touch different people in different ways. We bring our own feelings and experiences to a piece as we read it, gleaning from it meaning that connects to our life experiences, our personalities, heck even the mood we happen to be in. Each piece is a gift, but it is up to the reader to determine what she (or he) receives from it on a personal level. Art is beautiful in that way, isn’t it?

~Kelsey Connell, Assitant Director

Without further ado, here is what Margarita Donnelly, our Director, had to say about the book:

In these hard times the poems of Mary Cuffe in The Woman of Too Many Days are very appropriate. As our Public Library in Corvallis (and many more across the country) cuts back due to lack of funding. I particularly like the poem “In Front of the Library.” The homeless people:

They come in for more than a warm place to sleep.

They hope one of those books will take them in”

~Margarita Donnelly, Director

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