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Hey young feminists. I know you’re out there–starring star-eyed into cyberspace, reading Feminist Hulk tweets, slowly visualizing your takeover of the world and how that probably involves Janelle Monae‘s dazzling brand of funk music.

"Wow. This is great."

As I’m sure you know as literate, intelligent young women, magazines like CALYX have been hard at work bashing gender stereotypes since the ’70s. My challenge for you today is to push your boundaries and tastes, to shake up your ideas about gender and literature. I want you to read something that connects you to a feminist of another generation, written BY a feminist of another generation.

Today, I’m starting with the issue of CALYX Journal printed in the year that I was born. Here’s the opening line from “Eros,” written by Olga Broumas and published by CALYX in 1986 “On Death’s face all religion dances/ like pins on the head of a clit”. So…I finally have hard evidence that Olga Broumas was using artwork to resist patriarchy when I was mastering the art of holding my 3-month-old head aloft. Great.

Want to know what brilliant, hilarious, juicy, heart-breaking, wretched, angry, reflective, wise poems are in your birthday issue? Click here to find yours. Read! Connect! Be surprised by great writing and great women!

-Assistant Editor Becky O.