In the collection of poems “Details of Flesh” there are far too many great poems for me to gush over here. However, I would like to tell you about one that struck me as a particularly good example of the kind of power that Cortney Davis can evoke in her poems. I have to first admit that the title “Abortion” is initially what drew me to this poem. I feel that given the terse nature of poems an author has to take advantage of every word to both grab a readers attention and to evoke a certain amount of emotion. “Abortion” is a word that has many emotions tied to it, though in this poem those emotions are played against certain everyday images that you might find in a clinic.


When the nurse calls,

the doctor caps his Pepsi.

Dilates the cervix,

grasps it with a clamp.

I love it when an author is able to take to starkly contrasted images such as these and place them together in a way that makes others think. In some cases its jarring, in others it is just a way to tell us to change our perceptions. This poem helps us to see the people working in abortion clinics as well as the patients in them as just that, people.

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Jeff (intern)