In the dust

Is where I am left

The speed of light

Is not for me

The world is fast

It pushes too much


Is not what life should be

The light is bright

And draws me in

And I seek to be

In someone else’s skin

It doesn’t fit

Though I try

With all my might

To make it

And the world tries

With all its might

To mold me

Into something I am not

Though I try and the world tries

I will not do it

I know it’s not right

I do not emerge from this fight

Unscathed though

I am damaged

And broken

And I am stuck

In the dust


An impromptu attempt at poetry by someone who doesn’t consider herself a poet, just someone who has something to say and believes that overcoming the fear of saying it might be important. I am a woman. I could say that this is for all of those who are afraid to speak, but truly it comes from somewhere else. It has to do with feeling like everyone else isn’t afraid to speak and the frustration that comes from wondering why what comes so easily to others doesn’t come so easily to me. But on the other hand, maybe sometimes it is hard to know if anyone wants to listen. Maybe that’s what is so important about literature and art. It provides a place to say whatever the hell you want and sometimes it isn’t about structure and rules. Sometimes it’s just about letting all that go. And sometimes it means something to somebody else and often that form of communication can be more direct and meaningful than a face to face conversation.


by Jennifer Overholser

CALYX Intern

My views do not necessarily represent those of CALYX