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10. Because of organizations like VIDA: Women in Literary Arts and fierce women like Amy King who came ultra-prepared to the Women’s Caucus ready to get the crowd both excited and pissed. Check out their website to see current information about the what journals and presses are woman-friendly, and which are woefully not (um, The New Yorker and The New Republic, I’m looking at you).

9.Because of this awesome lady DJ at The Black Cat, uniting the people with funky-fresh beats. This is what I’m talking about!

8. Because there’s feminist presses and publishers there. A big high-five to organizations like Kore Press, Argos Books, Akashic Books, and The Feminist Press for doing the important work of keeping women’s voices in print (oh, and, ahem, of course, CALYX).

7. Because there’s feminist writers there, silly. I had the chance to meet so many fearless women writers today of all ages and backgrounds who aren’t afraid to say, “Yes, I’m a writer. Yes, I’m a feminist. Yes, this matters.”

6. Because of Jhumpa Lahiri. Need I say more?

5. and Kay Ryan.

4. and Pam Houston.

3. Because feminists love Washington D.C. Where else can you find that many statues of Eleanor Rosevelt??

2. Because people get just as excited as you are when you say “We’re celebrating our 35th year as a journal!”

1. Because it’s rewarding and energizing and delightful to see the up-and-coming men and women feminists of the writing world wandering through the bookfair. Each person there is a reminder that books matter, art matters, creativity matters.

Thanks for a great conference everyone! See you next year–

-Rebecca Olson

Assistant Editor for CALYX Press