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Not convinced!?  I present you with this top ten list as exhibit A in my case in favor of your attendance!!!


10.) Haven’t you been meaning to get to Cloud 9?  All I ever hear about this place are rave reviews.  Odds are you’re either like me and you are dying to go, or you already love it and you’re looking for an excuse to go again!

9.) Thursday night event doesn’t conflict with your weekend plans!  Success!

8.) The Jubilate women’s choir is going to be performing!  Have you heard of them?  There’s more info here:  http://www.jubilatechoir.org/

7.) A March 10th event is perfectly situated between fat Tuesday and St. Patrick’s day so that you can keep the festive-ball rolling and beat out the “in like a lion” mix of rain and wind that March likes to bring to the Willamette Valley.

6.) Sometimes I deny myself that glass of fancy wine or that lovely-sounding cocktail because I feel that my money could be better spent… but that excuse is gone for this event!  Cloud 9 is donating 15% of the proceeds from food and drink for the night straight to CALYX!  Bottoms up!

5.) Did you know that this is CALYX’s 35th year!?  Sit back and think about how much women’s art and literature has been shared with the public during those 35 years.  That definitely warrants a festive night of celebrations

4.) On that same note, did you know that this is Margarita’s 35th year as the director as CALYX?  Her hard work and tenacity has been pivotal in making CALYX the amazing source of women’s lit and art that it is today.  Part of the night is about celebrating her awesomeness.

3.) You should probably get to know assistant editor, Rebecca Olson, and the assistant director Kelsey Connell a little better.  Both are newish and definitely a big part of the “Facing Our Future” part of the event.  They’re wonderful young women who have a lot of love and passion for CALYX, so you’re all sure to have a lot in common.

2.) Fellowship with like-minded people:  CALYX readers are awesome; that’s a fact.  I often find myself wishing I could spend more time in the presence of really cool people and I am really looking forward to a night of good conversation, which I always end up stumbling into at CALYX events.

1.) Whoa there, now.  I just checked out the Cloud 9 menu.  They’ve got a cheese plate.  Also, a drink called a “Frisky Dingo.”  Also, mocktails.  http://dinecloud9.com/c9/menus/ Decision made 🙂