Hi I’m Jeff, and while I have posted here before I never really introduced myself. So, somewhat ironically, I am going to introduce myself as I am on my way out of Calyx. The new intern (Sophie) has arrived and my term at this wonderful press is at an end.

I must admit that when I first applied to be an intern at Calyx I hoped that I wouldn’t make the cut. I had read a few of the journals and did a bit of research on the press itself, and all that I learned was pretty intimidating. Would my love for the written word and willingness to do just about anything for some real world experience be enough for these women that had been making and discovering beautiful literature for 35 years? There was also the intimidation brought on by the fact that I was a man trying to be a part of a feminist press. After meeting everyone at my interview most of these fears were set aside and I became much more comfortable, and eventually Calyx became the best working experience of my life.

In these slightly cluttered offices I learned of all the hoops that a small press and non-profit have to jump through just to continue working. I learned oh so much more about feminist literature and female authorship. I learned what good poetry and prose looks like (as opposed to the stuff that usually comes from my pen), and on top of that I made a few friends.

All in all this has been an amazing experience and one I will definitely cherish. I am sure I will return from time to time but I am going to miss being a regular in these hallowed halls.

Thank You Calyx,

Jeff (ex-intern)