Well, it is my first week (going on second week) of being an intern here at CALYX Inc. I am in love!

      Books upon books! Some old musty books, some recognizable books, and so many brand new books that have yet to be read by anyone, pass through my hands on a daily basis! I am tempted even by the reject pile, it calls to me, who knows what unearthed gems await there?

     Every book I file, I have to browse for a moment; catch a phrase or read a paragraph. I love to read about the authors as well, where they’ve studied, what, if anything, they’ve published before. And all the personal notes! Letters from well-known authors are taped to the walls here, and some older books have amazing things tucked in between their pages… 

     Piles of precious words; words upon words, in books, in boxes stacked ceiling-high. Calyx is its own entity! It’s like finding a jewel in the sand, you can’t pass it by without attempting to dig out the rest.

     Can you say Bookgasm?

– Lylah