Well, after the copy editing meeting I attended here, I realize, I have, no, {natural ability}; to place,, commas: whatsoever! I was discouraged – for a week!,, _trying to read up, ~and print out. any literature on the subject of grammar and punctuation, that I could find. Thankfully,, a friend of mine. said, “That’s why writers need editors!” That cheered me up a bit,, but it got me thinking too.

           I’ve had the idea of class and publishing on my mind. Some of the best poets/storytellers I’ve heard were people with no (official) education at all. Sometimes I wonder if academic work dilutes our natural talent or passions. I hope not (because I can’t quit now!) but lately, seeing the next few years of school ahead of me, feels daunting.

            Writers have heady ideas. Words drive movements and break down barriers. Does it drown a writer with rules to think about grammar? Or should a writer have that technical know-how before even attempting to write?


 While I’m thinking this over,, I will practice my punc.t.u.a,tion.


(New Media Intern) : )