My name is Lylah. I am a new media intern at Calyx Books. I was born in L.A., grew up in Corvallis, Oregon and have traveled and lived all over America. I am attending Oregon State University after many years of saying I would never attend a traditional learning institution and I am trying to enjoy the institutional life as it presents itself. I am majoring in Liberal Studies with a focus on New Media Communications, Creative Writing, and Music.

             While I am interning here I hope to learn how a small company works, how to revise and update a company’s networking profile, and how the reading, editing and touring process happens. I was drawn to Calyx because I am a writer and a feminist. I believe in small press companies and I want to be a part of something exciting. I am hoping to impart something new to the space and to infuse my own uniqueness into my responsibilities.

            I have been a songwriter and poet most of my life. I have met Starhawk (author of The Spiral Dance) in Santa Cruz, CA. I have also had dinners with Susie Bright (author of The Sexual State of the Union) and her partner in the Bay Area. I have been involved with poetry slams all over the country such as the Nuyorican Poet’s Café in New York City and the Monterey Rubber Chicken Poetry Slam in Monterey, CA. I have self-published a poetry book at Bookshop Santa Cruz, CA. (A Tangle of Words), have recorded four albums of music, some of which I performed at the Anti-Folk Festival in Tompkins Square Park in New York City along with King Missile, Regina Spektor, and The Moldy Peaches, and I have been included in Portland Community College’s literary journal, Alchemy which sells at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR.

             I have had a lot of life experience and I am looking forward to amassing more back in my home town. I am raising my young daughter, learning to cast off the grief that comes with losing my partner, and growing into a new someone I have never met before.   

               Here is a link to a video I made that recieved an Honorable Mention in the 2010 Campus Movie Festival.


          Books are important to me because they tell stories. I believe the oral tradition of storytelling is more important than books, so I may be in the minority on that point. I love books, but I love stories in all forms and I believe they exist everywhere. We just have to look and be open to the experience. Great storytellers can come from anywhere. Are we ready for them?

Thank you for reading!