Good afternoon, CALYX fans!

Since I’m the latest intern to join the CALYX crew, I thought I’d make a post to introduce myself. My name is Mara and I’m from the Seattle area, though I spend most of my time in a tiny village in rural Ohio, where I go to Kenyon College for a major in English and a concentration in women’s and gender studies. I’m the chief copy editor for our student newspaper and as such, interning at CALYX combines two of my favorite things, women and words.

As feminism has taken a greater and greater place in my heart over the years, I’ve become increasingly interested in the ways in which feminists communicate with one another to escape boundaries and impositions. In my “feminist awakening,” for instance, the internet was instrumental with its speed of information flow and the sheer number of voices contributing to its discourse. Independent small presses like CALYX achieve the same effect, and I’m so excited to be a part of that.

In the spirit of promoting the internet’s free-flowing, unconstrained version of feminism, I thought that for my first post I’d list some of the blogs that not only sparked my interest in women’s rights, but actually changed something about the way I think:

  • Shakesville is always pushing the boundaries of progressivism and making me question my feminism.
  • Tiger Beatdown does much the same as Shakesville, but with more aggression (not a bad thing).
  • Women’s Glib, because young feminists deserve recognition.
  • The Rotund, for Marianne Kirby’s gentle but unerring intersection of feminism and fat acceptance.
  • The Angry Black Woman: Just what it says on the tin.
  • Feministe provides a great overall roundup of news and opinions from all corners of the internet.

I hope you found something new, awesome, and thought-provoking in this post; these are just the online spaces that have proven most influential to me, and there’s always more out there.


P.S. If you’re in or near the Corvallis area, you’re more than encouraged to come help support us by taking part in our phonathon, which goes until next Wednesday. Get in touch with us at to let us know if you’re interested in pitching in.