Hello again, CALYX fans!

Guess what happened last week?

Look! How amazing is that? What’s more, we’ve gotten over a hundred new fans since then. We can’t thank you all enough for pitching in, whether you merely liked our new page or went the extra mile and shared it with your friends as well.

Hitting one thousand means that our journal giveaway contest– for all three copies of the turn of the millenium’s Volume 19 CALYX Journals– has come to a close. Just a few minutes ago, I pulled two names out of a jar.

First, I shook it up.

Then I reached in.

Our first winner was Gloria Attar! But there was one more to go, so I reached in again:

And I picked our second winner: R.a. Rycraft!

Congratulations to both of you, and thank you so much to everyone who participated. Stay tuned– our next goal is 2,000!


Mara, CALYX Intern