Hey there!

Do these look like happy women writers, or what?

We at CALYX are very excited about the way our reading in Corvallis turned out. Many people came, and we listened to some beautiful poetry and prose. CALYX gave me my first opportunity to organize readings and I’m glad that one of these took place here in Corvallis because I was able to attend. It was a real pleasure for me to see the actual event that I had organized. I ended up introducing the readers to the audience, and although I’m not the best at public speaking, I was excited to push myself out of my comfort zone and participate. After all, I am here to try new things, and I love it.

It was really neat to meet the authors themselves and to exchange a few words with them. Actually, part of what I like about small publishers is that they work closely with authors. The atmosphere was friendly, and the editors and the writers were all there to support each other during this event. I learned that it was Dionisia’s first time reading to an audience and I could feel how happy she and the CALYX staff were about it. It was also very nice to hear her read the piece of creative non-fiction that I had been familiar with for a while since I had participated in the copy editing process.

I also enjoyed listening to the authors read because it always gives the writing a new dimension. This is especially true for poetry, I think, as you can feel the power of the words when you actually hear them (since poetry revolves a lot around voice, intonation, and sounds). This is why, although I don’t read much poetry myself, I do enjoy listening to authors share theirs. Last Saturday, our readers were really good at communicating the emotions of their poems. They read with both talent and humor, which made it an interesting and fun experience for everyone.

I’m grateful that everyone was helpful in helping me organize this reading, from the CALYX staff to the authors and the people at Grass Roots. I want to thank them, as well as all the members of the audience for coming and supporting women writers and independent publishers!

Until next time,


CALYX intern.