beginning, n.

3. a. That in which anything has its rise, or in which its origin is embodied; origin, source, fount.

Hello, CALYX readers!

I’m Erica Emerson and I’m very happy to be the new Fall Editorial Intern for CALYX. I am eager to begin my experience with CALYX, to become involved at a small feminist press and combine my two great passions: social justice and literature.

I have hometowns all over the United States — my birthplace in Burlington, Vermont, my early childhood years in cities like Rochester and Buffalo, New York, and my adolescence in small-town Roseburg, Oregon — all the way to my current home right here in Corvallis. I am living here while I study English Literature at Oregon State University. Outside of academia, I am a devoted member of many activist groups, including College Democrats @ OSU and our campus’s chapter of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance.

I am incredibly passionate about the study of literature through a lens of intersectionality, oppression, and liberation. The ways that literature, literary criticism, and small publishing can amplify the voices of those who have historically been silenced (by our society and by those who decide what and who is part of the literary “canon”), and grant those voices the true authority of experience which they deserve, have been a particular interest of mine throughout my studies.

I am positively thrilled to have found an organization through which I can express these passions in an active and eminently useful way. I am hopeful that my experiences with CALYX will prove to be a true beginning for me, the origin or fount of a lifetime of working with literature and feminist values.