Dear Readers,

Although the staff and volunteers of CALYX take great pride in our careful and sometimes overly nitpicky editorial process (“you want me to do what with that comma?”), we do make mistakes from time to time. We must inform our readers that one such mix-up made it into the printed pages our Summer 2012 issue of CALYX: because of a formatting error, page 52 is missing text from the thoughtful and rich essay “Family Fest” by Lynn Casteel Harper.

This stings a bit because the issue is so lovely–we of course wanted it to be perfect. I’d like to think it’s still one of our best issues (read it for yourself and let us know what you think).

We offer our apologies to both Lynn and to our readers. To read the complete and correct version of “Family Fest,” please click here.

Thank you for your continued support of our little team!

Your (very human) senior editor, Rebecca

Warning: contains beauty, truth, errors.