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Genealogies of Resistance by the Kinship Collective


The Genealogies of Resistance created by the Kinship Collective is a zine formed by students in Oregon States Queer of Color Critiques course, lead by Dr. Qwo-li Driskill. The zine is a creative and collective project that demonstrates artistic activism, art that critiques, analyzes and reflects particular cultural, political and social concerns with an intention for creating change. Art activism is a powerful mechanism for transforming social phenomena across social boundaries by using art as a vehicle for change..

The Genealogies of Resistance thus utilizes art as a method of resistance, awareness and education, with an emphasis on critiquing dominant, often white, perceptions of gender and sexuality. These pages within the zine reflect powerful voices and perspectives, give honor and attention to QTPOC resistance in response to entwined systems of power, and provide a safe space for a theorizing of racialized sexualities. The use of multiple art forms within the zine further supports the Kinship Collective’s  mission and intention by allowing the artwork, to speak for themselves.

Written by: Karen Osovsky