Alicia Bublitz

It’s funny that for people who craft words and share the craft of others for a living we have found ourselves to be so bad at communicating with you. Every small business guide, social medial strategy, and Facebook pop up about building your brand hammers home the point that you need a variety of content, a way to engage your readers, and a commitment to engagement; I’m pretty sure none of them are running on volunteers and a shoestring. We have a remarkable group here at CALYX, but running a press on a part time staff has given us tunnel vision—get the journal out, get the journal out, get the journal out—and we have taken you for granted. Taken it for granted that you will like our Facebook page, that you’ll share the remarkable work that is CALYX Journal, and that you’ll keep reading us. And you have. You have sustained us for nearly 40 years and it’s time for us to start paying you back!

This fall, as we begin to celebrate our 40th anniversary (March 2016!) we are re-upping our commitment to engaging on a variety of levels. We already know that you value CALYX Journal, so let’s branch out. Let’s make CALYX’s online presence, be it our Facebook, Twitter, blog, or website, the place you want to read new work, discover a new author, find links to interesting articles and bookish humor, and read our reviews (of creative work and cultural trends). Just know this, we will ALWAYS advocate for the oxford comma.

Of course in the land of post and send mistakes happen—it’s the new ‘publish or perish’. We may miss a link or an acknowledgement, we may forget to cite something, and there may be typos (I, for one, am hit or miss on typing with my thumbs). But, a boo-boo or two aside, you do know that when you come to CALYX you will be getting incredible content, insightful commentary, thoughtful critique, and powerful voices. You’re invited, keep clicking!

Thank you, thank you for your ongoing support of CALYX, whether you’re a donor, subscriber, submitter, or Facebook friend. Stick with us, we got this.