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I may not have known Margarita Donnelly very long or very well, but the one thing that was immediately clear about her was that she always had a story, and it was always outrageous. Whether it was about flying to a foreign country with no way to haul 200 pounds of books up a six-story flat or trying to smuggle fruit that too closely resembled genitalia into Venezuela, her tales were fascinating, vibrant, and just outrageous as hell.

We’re coming down to the last 10 days of our newest contest, the Margarita Donnelly Prize for Prose Writing. It’s open to fiction and nonfiction, and I’m looking forward to the range in voice, style, and content that we receive. Especially if it’s outrageous, bold, and brave. It seems the best way to honor a woman who lived a life of vibrancy, both on and off the page.

Genre: Fiction and Nonfiction

Deadline: September 30 (postmarked)

Prize: $500 cash and publication in CALYX Journal, Vol. 29-2 Summer 2016

Judge: Marianne Villanueva

To submit (or for further guidelines), go to calyxpress.org