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Brenna Crotty

Tomorrow, our small but intrepid staff heads up to Vancouver, BC, to see the premiere of Into the Forest, a movie based off of the post-apocalyptic Jean Hegland novel that CALYX published back in 1996. I want to share this experience with you all as soon as humanly possible. Ideally, I’d just wait until the movie gets released in U.S. theaters, but instead I’m going to live-tweet my reactions while I watch, for the following reasons:

  • Alicia can’t tell me not to because her jurisdiction over me ends at the border (I might be wrong about that one).
  • We’re seeing the 11:00 AM showing on a Thursday and may therefore be the only people in the whole theater.
  • I want to find out how many times I can repeat “Ellen Page!!!” with a 140-character limit.
  • This movie is about society’s slow movement away from dependence on electricity, cell towers, and global connectivity, and I find irony amusing.
  • Just once I’d like to say, “But how does one live rightly in a consumer-based capitalistic society that is slowly draining the planet of essential resources?” and have a good answer waiting.
  • Everyone is freaking out about how the film will handle the “controversial scene,” so I want to be the first one to describe it to you all in vague yet salacious terms.
  • No one can convince me that just because we’re seeing the 11:00 AM showing on a Thursday that doesn’t mean Ellen Page won’t magically show up, and I would like to document that moment as it happens.
  • The book was awesome and I am just SO. EXCITED. to see the movie.