imageHello Calyx blog readers! This is Olivia, one of CALYX’s interns. My first blog post is a prelude to a longer interview that will be up next week. It’s about Project Girl, a student-led initiative in the Dominican Republic focused on breaking the cycle of poverty for young girls in the DR through educational workshops and community-building activities.

Built on a mutual passion for education, feminism, and equity, Sara, Jahaan, Andrea, and Luisa have been hard at work expanding opportunities for young girls in Batey Lechería through a curriculum they developed based on their own experiences growing up in a country where women are not always encouraged to finish school.

A longer interview with this fem-quartet is forthcoming! We’ll cover the history of Project Girl, and give a look into the kind of work they have been able to do in areas of high need in Batey Lechería concerning girl’s and women’s education. Until then, you can check out Project Girl DR’s website.