Alicia Bublitz

I walked out of the house today wearing plaid pants and a cape (ask anyone at the office, I’m the wacky style one). As I was driving to CALYX I realized I look like a young(er) Professor McGonagall. Well, I could use a bit of magic and her steely determination today because I have decided the time has come: It is time to clean out my e-mail.

Book people (surprise, surprise) use a lot of words, and I inherited even more of them—I spent the first almost year on the job terrified of deleting anything because I didn’t know what I would need in the future. However, the time is here. Sure, I’m just archiving a lot of stuff rather than sorting it, but hey, if you e-mailed me in 2013 and I didn’t get back to you, sorry; I was really new and probably didn’t know the answer anyway.

It may be a procrastination technique, but I maintain it is also a productivity technique—a clean inbox, like a clean kitchen, is something you can look forward to coming home to. Rather than dreading opening my inbox, tomorrow I hope to feel a little less gut sinking panic at the log-in page. My to-do list, well, we’ll talk about that some other time.

So here’s to accomplishing a New Year’s resolution either early or really, really (embarrassingly) late!


(you may not be able to tell here, but I’m usually the totally overdressed one)