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Quick update from the editor’s side of CALYX:

It’s the New Year, and a lot of notices have gone out today to those who have submitted to CALYX over the last three months.
To those whose submissions are currently being held: Thank you for your patience as we assemble our collectives. We should start final discussions in the next two weeks, and those meetings will extend into March. If your piece is held and you don’t receive feedback by the end of April, please contact us at editor@calyxpress.org.
To those whose submissions were declined: I’m very sorry that we no longer provide personal feedback for every submission, but it is a privilege to get to read the varied, fascinating, and beautiful work that gets sent in every year. Thank you for submitting to CALYX.
To those who have not received notification: We do try to assign submissions in the order in which we receive them, but our readers read at different speeds and some submissions require a tie-breaking third reader. We should have preliminary responses for everyone by the beginning of February.
Thank you again to everyone who submitted to CALYX this year. Happy 2016, and may you all have another excellent year of courageous creativity!
– Brenna