Well, 2017 has been a rollercoaster so far. The lows I imagine you can guess (I’m losing sleep over funding but more on that later), and we maybe haven’t been as good as we could have been about sharing the highs, but I have some good news. CALYX Journal has been expanded into over 200 more Barnes and Noble stores!

The good: We were picked up by B&N last year for some stores and we must be selling well enough that they want more. As in tripled their order more. As a sizable retailer they do their research and know what sells and they feel that CALYX Journal is worth it.

The scary: They order, we print. Whether those copies sell or not we pay to print and ship them—800 more of them.

The quandary: We love independents. We are an independent publisher and independent bookstores have kept us alive, they nurture local readers and writers, and are dedicated to their communities. We hold events there, we sell there, and we support them in all the ways that we can.

So. If you have an independent bookstore head in and pick up a copy of CALYX Journal (due out in the next week or two!). Then go to Barnes and Noble and buy another copy. Tell your friends and family to buy one from each. If one of these places doesn’t have us on their shelves share your interest with the staff. Request it online; take to twitter! One way or another, get your copy—you can’t miss it, this issue’s cover is powerhouse:

29-3 Publicity Cover Image

(you can also pre-order from us online at

The most exciting part of this for me is that it is a powerful nod to Brenna and our editors. They put together incredible volume after incredible volume that people actually want to read. So show them your love and get (several) copies!

Thank you from the excited and slightly freaked out CALYX office.