Rhiannon Schaub

Ah, summer. A season that inspires an increase in sunbathing and ambitious writing projects– let’s be honest, how many of our early-June selves made a (laughably) stoic promise in the mirror to finish that stunning debut novel or poetry collection? Unfortunately, the warm, warm sunshine makes us so… sleepy. Perhaps a nap in the gloriously golden outdoors might help our case of writer’s block? Personally speaking, this blog post is my first feat of writing since the thirty-five page research paper marathon I trudged through during college finals week.

Well, enough of that, because speaking of personal matters, I should introduce myself! I’m the new summer intern at CALYX, and even though I’ve only been here in Corvallis for two weeks, I’ve already begun to make myself a nest in the towering piles of books and dusty publishing ephemera. In the office, I’ll either be archiving journals (via tapping away on a giant excel spreadsheet), writing blog posts (like this one), or helping to plan an upcoming CALYX publication!

To share a bit about myself: I’m an English Literature major at Scripps College for Women, a lush oasis in the desert terrain of California and probably the most overtly feminist campus you will set foot on– at orientation, our dorm walls were laden with hand-painted “smash the patriarchy” signs. Needless to say, with the feminist focus of CALYX, the press has turned out to feel like a home away from home. And with that, I look forward to spending the next two months here!

Until next time, enjoy this wonderful summer sun!

– Rhiannon Schaub, Intern