Hello to all!

On the behalf of CALYX, I get to make an exciting announcement… we have an upcoming project: the publication of our new Social Justice Reader! No title yet, the reader is still young, just a sapling of an idea being tended to, and at the moment we vaguely refer to it as the “SJR project” in our meetings. A large portion of my work of CALYX has been centered around helping this project grow, so I’m thrilled to finally be able to share this news with you!

This book will be an anthology of outstanding creative writing, both the poetry and prose of women previously published by CALYX, that revolves around the theme of social justice. Our hope is that apart from being a beautiful and emotionally moving experience for readers everywhere, this anthology will be able to serve as material for college courses, as fodder for discussion, and as balm for our activist souls. 

Spoken from the voices that are shaping international conversations on issues of race, class, colonialism, nation-building, motherhood, and sexuality, the materials for our anthology consist of beautiful and intensely thought out pieces that cover a vast range of experiences. With the Social Justice Reader, we hope to produce a timeless book that outrages, pierces, and ultimately inspires a new generation of activists.

Here’s to the incredible writers and history of CALYX and our new hopes and plans for the future!

Rhiannon Schaub, Intern