The content on this blog comes from our terrific and dedicated staff, interns, and volunteers, all of whom are dedicated to promoting women’s art and literature in the public sphere.


Alicia Bublitz is currently director of CALYX Press in Corvallis, Oregon, and is an activist, cultural critic, women’s studies scholar, Vagina Warrior, and lifelong Girl Scout.




936784_10100879797281106_84399969_nBrenna Crotty (Senior Editor) runs the editorial collective at CALYX and is solely responsible for figuring out how the ancient website works on the ’95 PC. She was a winner of the KIDD Prose Prize in 2011. Her reviews and humor articles have been published in CALYX, Cracked, and CollegeHumor.


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Olivia Awbrey is a product of the UO’s Comparative Literature department, with a crippling weakness for a good folk song. Besides shoving her nose in as many Rebecca Solnit, Toni Morrison, or Barbara Kingsolver books as she can, Olivia divides her time between fiddling with audio clips for CALYX, teaching people how to say things in German, and entertaining live music-enthusiasts on the West Coast.


Ta0_0_0_0_134_179_csupload_54320253_largemmy Robacker (First Reader, Poetry) is a Hedgebrook Writer-in-Residence award winner (2011) and TAIP grant recipient (2009). Her chapbook, Cuttings, won the 2015 Keystone Chapbook Prize from Seven Kitchens Press. Tammy published her first collection of poetry, The Vicissitudes, in 2009 (Pearle Publications). Tammy’s poetry has appeared in Menacing Hedge, Chiron Review, VoiceCatcher, Duende, Crab Creek Review, WomenArts, and Synesthesia. Currently enrolled in the RWW MFA program in Creative Writing at Pacific Lutheran University, Tammy lives in Oregon. Her second poetry book Villain Songs is forthcoming with ELJ Publications in 2016.


Diana Oviedo (Art Reviews, Volunteer) is a working artist, focused mainly on painting, drawing and fabric arts. Since moving to the west coast she has enjoyed exploring the many beautiful landscapes by bicycle, and developed her knowledge of organic gardening and traditional herbal remedies.